Decorative Aggregates

Our large selection of River Rocks come in white
and brown. We have 5 sizes in stock, both multi
colored and tan River Rock. We carry 3/8", 1" and
1 1/2" River Rock.

Bahama Coral - A natural white 1" coral rock that
looks great around your palm trees.

57 Granite Rock - This is a multi colored rock
granite  rock for landscape beds, walkways and a
great stone for use in stone driveways.

Blue Slate - This is a great rock for landscaping,
driveway construction and works great for
drainage in any area.

#4 Granite - This rock is great for draining areas.

Pea Granite - a small 3/8" chip rock that tops off a
driveway for years of durable use.

White Pea Granite - This is much like our regular
pea granite but looks a lot more decorative.

Alabama Red Rock - This is a rock native to
Alabama. It is 1- 3 inches and has a color mix that
includes dark and light reds.

PA River Rocks  - We have 2 different types to
choose from. The 2 sizes are medium and 1" to
3". These are multi colored river rocks. These are
great for landscaping beds or dry creek bed

Crush and Run - This is a multi purpose rock and
powder mixture used for driveways, under patios
and for parking areas.

Stone Fines - A  granite powder that resembles
sand. Used for a base under patio stones and

Mortar Sand - A washed sand that is pure enough
for masons to use and also used in sandbox's
and play areas.

Florida Shells Medium - These shells can give
your yard a nice beach look without having  to
search for your own shells at the beach.

Florida Shells Small - These look great when
used in beds or to finish concrete work.

Oyster Shells - Our whole oyster shells look great
when your looking for a nautical theme in your
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